Free Sites are Fine as a Starter

May 17th, 2013

Free sites are fine within the context of certain purposes. A free site can be helpful as a starter website or a placeholder website. Small businesses on a strict budget might find free websites a better option than being locked into paying huge costs for a full website hosting plan. No one would ever suggest that free website hosting services are of no value. However, free sites have huge limitations and are not good for anyone wishing to expand an internet presence effectively. At some point, serious entrepreneurs will need to upgrade from a free site to a commercial hosting company.

The Rise of Green Web Hosting

May 12th, 2013

Green web hosting is becoming quite popular. This should not be considered a shocking revelation. Today, more businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious. As a result, the precepts of energy efficiency are being weaved into all manner of different industries. The web hosting industry is not home to many much more energy efficient strategies. Many start up web hosting companies are offering green hosting as a selling point. More power to them! Hopefully, the greener strategy will prove more wide spread in the industry as this is also a cheaper form of web hosting since it requires less energy expenditures.

Certain Realities Associated with Tech Startups

April 28th, 2013

Tech startups need all the help they can get. This might seem like a cynical assessment, but it is not. It simply reflects the reality of such a business endeavor. Basically, when you are launching a startup in the tech field, you positively must invest the full amount of resources to stay current in a landscape that might end up changing rapidly. Tech firms and businesses that fall behind will not recover. Google has opted to offer quite a bit of help to a companies in Kansas City. This just might help these tech companies succeed where others have faltered. Landing a Great Web Hosting Plan

February 19th, 2013

If there was anything close to an existing consensus on any subject related to publishing a website, it would be the site is only as good as its web hosting plan. This is why it is well advised to visit the site to read up on reviews of the top services in the industry. The bottom line on any website hosting plan that is selected is it must cover all tasks required of the website publisher. In other words, the website must be afforded the proper amount of bandwidth to handle a large volume of visitors and the site should very rarely have to suffer from downtime. Also, the ability to build a functional and appealing website should not be difficult. Other features to the hosting plan should be email accounts, blogging capabilities and the ability to add video files to the site. Customer service should also be available in such a way access to a representative is possible whenever a problem arises. Of course, the problem should be resolved in a timely manner.

How can you tell whether or not a service really is the best web hosting company? The best way to find out would be to read reviews on a credible site that offers well defined comparisons of various services. Performing research on such a site can increase the chances you discover the best service.