Comparing Medifast To Other Plans Is Key To Choosing The Right One

January 18th, 2013

If you knew that something you wanted was on sale at one store, you likely wouldn’t pay full price for that same item at another store. The act of knowing what’s on sale is comparison shopping. And you can do it with everything you’re thinking about purchasing, including diet plans like Medifast. Of course, in the case of diet plans, you’ll be trying to discern which option will benefit your health the most.

And when you’re comparing options, you can also get more details about a plan, such as how much variety in meals or recipes it has, whether you have to weigh your food, and if you will have to watch your intake of a certain item like your carbohydrates. The answers to all of these question will give you a lot more insight as to how much a particular plan will benefit you.

Evaluating Your Chances Of Success With Medifast

January 2nd, 2013

You may think that reading reviews can give you enough insight about whether a diet like Medifast will work for you. The truth is that a review probably won’t give you the information you’re looking for. This is because everyone’s metabolism is different. That, and you may have a medical condition that will influence how successful you are on any given diet.

One medical condition that a diet like Medifast can help is diabetes. This is due to the perfect carbohydrate content of their meals. Everything supplied by the plan is not only nutritious, but also helps to keep blood sugar levels where they should be. You may prefer to cook your own meals, however, and as a result, may not see this plan as being best for you.

Meal Replacement Diet, Like Medifast, Improves Sexual Function in Obese Men

August 18th, 2011

According to an article in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, doctors have determined that when obese men with Type 2 diabetes lose weight, their sexual function improves significantly.  The results were observed in an Australian clinical study.  The study pointed out that there were improvements in sexual desire, urinary disorders and erectile dysfunction.  The men examined in the study lost between five and ten percent of their total body weight over a two month period. The study also showed that certain metabolic parameters such as insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, and blood glucose all responded very favorably to a low carbohydrate – high protein or a meal replacement diet, like Medifast.  The article concluded that the improvements were still in force after a year of following the eating plan.