24/7 Emergency Vet Center

We happily welcome all pets in our Veterinarian Clinic. You can bring your pet to our 24/7 emergency vet center for amazing medical care.

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Years of Experience

Professional Vet Staff You Can Trust

For over 12 years Montana Veterinary Services skilled vet team has been keeping pets healthy. Montana Veterinary Services is a trusted name known for its exceptional pet health, care, and welfare of animals. Our enthusiastic vets treat every animal and pet as if it were our own. We provide all the vet health care services available, thereby ensuring your pet's health and longevity. 

Quality Pet Care

Need Emergency Services For Your Pet? Call Us At 877-460-2012

Get in Touch With Our Committed Vet Doctors At Our Veterinarian Clinic. We Are Committed To Offering The Highest Standard of Care To Your Dog, Cat or Any Other Pet. As A Prime Veterinary Care Center And Medical Center, We Have The Finest Doctors To Treat Your Pets.

Our Montana Veterinary Services doctors and employees have decades of experience in animal medicine, resulting in only the Very Best Care For Your Pet. Our amazing staff has a range of backgrounds and concentrations, but above all, they are all Devoted Veterinary Professionals who love animals. As pet owners ourselves, we know how challening it is when a pet becomes ill. It's our aim to help in very way possible with care and understanding.

Veterinarian Clinic

Veterinary Specialist

Pets call for specific treatment for many of the same reasons humans do. The pet may need a Complex Surgery or Treatment, or they may have been diagnosed with cancer. Your primary veterinarian will suggest that your pet see a apecialist, or you may make the request yourself. A veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who completes 3-4 years of additional training, usually in the form of residency programs. We have a specialist for every situation.

Dog Vaccines

Specific vaccines are required by the veterinarian community because of their effectiveness. Pet Euthanasia is not pleasant. Montana Veterinary Services offers vaccines for dogs which are necessary for their health and longevity.


24/7 Vet & Emergency Vet Near Me

Montana Veterinary Services has knowledgeable Emergency Veterinarians. Our goal is to provide Economical Quality Treatment for all pets. You can get expert help with a qualified vet. At Montana Veterinary Services you can receive affordable consultations and grooming services for your pets.

24/7 Vet Emergency Vet

Avian Vet

Many species of Pet Birds have a extensive lifespan, and most people who adopt a pet or aviary bird expect a long-term, rewarding relationship. Montana Veterinary Services offers Routine Inspections For Companion Birds to promise they live a full, healthy life.

Animal Hospital Euthanasia

Forming the decision to euthanize your pet can feel painful. Euthanasia is a gift, when it can end Suffering For Your Pet and sadness for your family members. Euthanasia is the procedure of inducing humane passing with minimum physical pain.

Specialist Reptile Pet Facilities

Montana Veterinary Services's knowledge of these unique pets, enables us to give the very Best Medical Nurturing For Your Reptile. At Montana Veterinary Services, you can be assured that you are getting incredible reptile vet expertise. Your pet will love our team's specialist reptile veterinarian.

Spay/Neuter Vet Services

In order to offer surgical sterilization at an exponentially Low Cost, Spay And Neuter Clinics have to limit the expenses of the process. You can receive the services Montana Veterinary Services has to give for your pets at an inexpensive price. For low-cost Vet Services, including spaying and neutering, call us today.